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Rachel Gertie Dean, founder of The Lotus Center for Wellness with a Masters in Art Therapy, has been drawn to journaling and the arts since a very early age. These tools have not only helped her process emotions and events unfolding in her life but also, in time, revealed to her OUR power to paint the future as we will it. She followed and fueled these powerful passions until they blossomed into her life’s purpose – her LOTUS.

Rachel’s life plays out something like a Homeric epic as it is riddled with omens and every blessing and misfortune faced has seemingly been dealt by the gods in order to forge her very own hero’s journey, propelling her down her highest path. If you are skeptical of synchronicities, the power of visualization and mindful manifestation, this episode may very well challenge your doubts.

If you are interested in trying Rachel’s Chakra Workbook, which is a seven day chakra detox plan to realign your energies and clear your auric field, you can find it on her Etsy page SpiritualToolsLotus (link below)

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