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Erik Guru Lieux is your not-so-typical renaissance man who has found faithful life guidance from within. With a masters in psychology, a reputation for making treasured moments last forever, a passion of the shamanic arts and having experienced a revelation unto the powerful properties of plant medicine, Erik is an inspiring humanitarian whose ability to connect the dots between life sciences and spirituality enriches his message with meaningful merit.

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Show Notes

2:00 Meet Erik Guru Lieux! Connect with Erik on Facebook
2:45 Erik has a multi-faceted, creative approach to living. He’s a photographer/videographer with a background in mental health and wellness, as well as creator of a plant-powered tonic beverage line. Erik also facilitates cacao ceremonies in conjunction with ecstatic movement practices.
5:00 Discourse with psychic – Sylvia Browne. Learn about Sylvia Browne
5:30 Life theme: Humanitarian
7:00 An early realization and intention of sharing something greater: The universe is infinity
10:15 The spiritual disconnect of later adolesence: Finding the balance between remaining true to self and playing our role in the greater whole.
12:30 The prepubescent state of collective consciousness.
13:45 A new approach: Manifestation – Work with you internal state and the external will flow naturally.
15:30 How the multi-facted approach supports his community and furthers his humanitarian cause: From counseling troubled adolescence to helping others experience bliss, ecstasy and deeper connection.
17:15 Ecstatic dance: A non-strucutured, non-ordinary movement practice which allows for the deep release of stored energy and a conscious connection with Self. Find an ecstatic dance near you at
18:15 Erik moved from the mental to the fundamental, listening to not only the human kingdom but the plant kingdom as well. The outcome: Shamanic Tonic – Elixers which help awaken vitality in the body. Try Shamanic Tonic Today!
19:30 Zach’s experience with ecstatic dance at Hostel in the Forest, from experiencing joy to profound shifts in the way he takes in and processes the world around him. Visit Hostel in the Forest for a magical weekend!
21:00 Where Zach first heard of ecstatic dance. Listen to a fantastic episode of The Tim Ferriss Show with Aubrey Marcus
22:00 “Every time I open my eyes, the ego gets loud…Whenever your eyes are closed, it’s just you and the music, and that becomes ONE thing.”
24:00 “Dance is one of the primary medicines we all have access to.”
24:30 Dancing is innate. Look at children. What are they always doing? Moving! This goes throughout cultures, throughout traditions. Bonus: Need to stimulate your lymphatic system? If you’re a human reading this, then the answer is YES. Dancing is a fun and free way to do so.
26:45 Why Cacao? Cacao is a healthy helper, unlike other substances often paired with dancing. For example, alcohol is a nuerotoxin – an agent that numbs our nervous system. Cacao-infused beverages, however, allow for the process of movement to become conscious. This is a unique approach to moving the spirit within and embodying the experience without the negative side effects of alcohol. Enliven your spirit with Shamanic Tonic’s Super Chocolate elixer!
28:15 Theobroma cacao, raw chocolate, literally translates to “Food of the Gods”. It has been used for thousands of years from meso-american cultures, with a safe and sacred use ceremonial use. Cacao was later turned into a confection in Europe, which is a boiled down, infused, altered version (delicious, but not ALIVE and ENERGIZING).
30:00 Cayenne opens the circulatory system, synergizing well with cacao by allowing it to better flow through you and creating an energizing affect.
31:00 Not sold yet? Cacao also contains chemicals known as the “bliss” and “love” molecules.
32:30 The woman radiating light and the path to the conscious healing community of South FL.
35:15 Erik shares how the concept of “nothing” led him to open up to right-brain functioning and practices such as meditation. That of physical form rests so intimately in that of nothing (dark matter, the unseen energy that makes up 95% of the universe). The concept of being surrounded by nothingness yet being part of it as well is a fascinating concept to reflect.
37:45 Erik’s 20-year practice: Transcendental meditation Learn more about transcendental meditation.
38:00 Hollywood guru and founder of transcendental meditation: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Learn more about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
38:30 Maharishi’s spokesman, physicist John Hagelin, can be seen on the documentary “What the Bleep Do We Know?”. Check out John Hagelin’s portfolio on
38:45 All-pervasive nothingness, consciousness and remote viewing: The projection of consciousness from the immediate space and going into alternate space time realities to gather information.
41:15 Recommendations for regaining clarity: “The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook”, positive affirmations, and MOVEMENT… Whether it be yoga, working out, dance, etc, we need to move! Buy The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund J. Bourne.
44:45 “I lived an exciting life so that I didn’t have to sit with Self.”
45:45 Accepting and working through our emotional ailments with compassion instead of avoiding and suppressing them, which ultimately allows them to fester and persist. Learn compassion with Zach Nomadic’s most recommended book, “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach!
46:45 Mental judo tip from Aubrey Marcus: Transmute anxiety into aspiration by fostering gratitude for your struggles while you are knee deep in them. Explore more fantastic tricks and life hacks from Aubrey Marcus!
48:45 Am I primarily motivated to participate in activities, such as hitting the gym, by ego or enjoyment?
51:00 Looking for love outside of ourselves is like living life as a half circle, always searching for another half circle to “complete” us. Sourcing love and affection from “other” vs. showing up as you are: on your own path; being fully okay with it; being in the space of wholeness; simply showing up for yourself authentically. Enjoy Erik’s Youtube series, “Guru Speaks”!
56:00 The power of vibrations, behavior, and emotional flows in interpersonal relating.
57:00 “The simplest spiritual practice!”
57:30 “Social bumper cars”, a fun and often hilarious game to play in places such as the market or train station!
59:00 A note to entrepreneuers – It’s going to be challenging, heartbreaking, as well as emoitonally, mentally and physically exhausting. Hang in there! During the challenging moments, it’s all about adjusting our self-talk. Have a conversation between you and your higher self. Affirmations by our very own Cayla Conscious
1:05:00 Shamanic Tonic Intermission Learn more about the super herbs used in Shamanic Tonic!
1:06:30 If you connect with something and it fuels you, that should be what you do with your life. Align your skills, infuse passion, and achieve sustainability furthering your purpose and you are living your dream!
1:10:15 A question Zach ask’s himself before beginning a venture: “If, in a year from now, I haven’t I made money, will I be a better person from this and will I have enjoyed the journey?” If the answer is anything other than “yes”, he doesn’t initiate that journey.
1:14:15 Seeking a high vibrational community and unlocking the most authentic Self?
1:14:45 We live in world where endless connections can be made and resources found on a virtual level. Utilize the resources that you have (Youtube, Apps, Facebook, etc.). If there is a need, the solution likely exists! Check out these meditation apps: My Noise
1:16:45 Tools to know thyself: meditaiton + journaling and Insight Timer
1:17:45 SECRET’S OUT: We’re actually all the same person. If you know yourself, you know everyone.
1:19:45 Connect with Erik on Instagram and have a glorious day! @NowItsForever
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